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LaDy-J of deep, energetic, uplifting and delicious beats!

Spanning two decades in the dance music scene Shanna’s special place is most definitely behind the decks delivering powerful and feel-good sounds.

Influenced by the 90’s Shanna’s love for the dancefloor and electronic music evolved and her desire to be the one delivering and controlling the sound was born. As the new millennium arrived (and the world didn’t come to an end) this became the time for the technics and the livingroom DJ was set into action. Indulging in the euphoric influence of epic, mind bending events on the UK club circuit drove her desire to be the one rocking the crowd.

The majority of Shanna’s appearances, have been on the North Wales club circuit and Liverpool at club nights such as Funkt, Lwpio, Looneytunes, Afterglow and Elevate UK playing alongside DJs such as; Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, Rebekah, Lisa Lashes, Fergie and John 00 Fleming to name but a few. She has demonstrated flexibility within genres and can deliver anything House, Techno, Trance and all of the sub-genres in between, every time tearing up the dance floor with her driving and bouncy sound. Her Infusion of genres and quality sound unites all who listen.

For over a decade Shanna has also been dedicated to teaching children the skills and techniques of being a DJ, sharing her love for music and performing on CDJ’s with the youth of today.

Now living in Ibiza and indulging herself in the delights of the music culture there, she is developing her flavour for deeper Balearic sounds as well as staying true to her musical roots creating an infusion of sound which is versatile with a special energy. This special sound is also being transferred into Shanna’s own music as she immerses herself in the exciting world of production.

“Detach from reality, lose yourself and let your soul fly!” 

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