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Bar Hire

“It’s never too early for a cocktail” ― Noel Coward

When you’re throwing a party, the pressures of hosting can make you feel somewhat detached from the celebrations. If you always have to worry about preparing drinks and food, it can often feel like there’s a party going on to which you haven’t been invited! 

Allow us to arrange the staff you need so that you can relax and enjoy the party with your friends. We can supply a selection of professional bartenders, mixologists and even the visual tricks of a flair bartender to keep your guests thoroughly entertained while at the bar. Our cocktail bartenders can help with any specialty drinks or drink requests and even create a cocktail menu with your event theme in mind.

In addition to hiring a bartender, we can also provide everything you may need such as cocktail glassware, unique ingredients to create tempting cocktails, as well as cocktail tables, bar stools and even the bar counter itself.

In addition to this our professional waiter and waitres service is the perfect addition to your party for serving food and beverages to your guests and making sure that plates and glasses are not left lying around.

In short, you’ll be able to spend time with your guests – which is undoubtedly why you decided to throw the party in the first place? 

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