Security hire

“The prediction to freedom is security” ― Rand Beers

Creating a setting that’s comfortable for your guests is an utmost  priority when arranging a party; secondly, you have to ensure your guests have a fantastic time. You can do your best to invite specific people to your event. However, when you have a large gathering, it can be challenging to keep an eye on the guest list.

By allowing us to arrange a team of professional and experienced security for your event, you can ensure your guest list is tightly monitored.

The security will discretely escort any uninvited persons from the premises, and this saves you from the awkward position of doing it yourself. Our security is also able to discuss with any local police knowledgeably any sound monitoring issues, license laws or anything else to foresee the fun for you and your guests is uninterrupted. We can also provide a qualified security guard to stay at your villa or boat while you are out.  For clients wanting that extra comfort of safety, our security can also accompany you around the island day and night.